Thursday, 10 May 2012

One Word

how could you...

leave without a word...

friends, i tot we were,
yet u slipped out of my world,
no clue, as to wat went wrong,

i return everyday,
that u've done same...
yes, it's wat they say,
"Ada travelled and will be back soon"

it did not feel right,
but i still hoped i wasnt right,
from d first dawn u disappeared,
it struck me that something was amiss,
but... ofcourse...
i wished i wasnt right,

so i arrive from work with anticipation,
but retire to bed with dissipation,
scouting ur fb wall for activity,
only to meet unwelcome passivity,

how cud i have known...

maybe i wud have been better off,
if i had no means to reach u,
if we just neva met again,

hash i may sound,

but i speak, not from these frail fingers;
my emotions swell from a four-chambered contraption buried within my chest,

LIFE... pheew!

certainly, we've both moved on,
but i demand one last word,
y did u leave without a word???

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