Thursday, 10 May 2012

Myth of Twilight

Alas! the night draws nigh,
the clouds grow thicker,
the sun scuttles deeper,
a gentle smile paints the moon.

hustle and bustle diminish,
sweet waves, the ocean unleashes,
cold breeze glides across my skin,
between sleep and me lies a line, only so thin.

an air of calm,
heralded but by twilight,
brings peace to the soul,
warmth to my beating vessel.

spewn before me lies the twilight of today,
ofcourse, acceptable and welcome,


tomorrow holds a mystery,
as i think of yesterday's memory,
chaos and strife took the victory,
as that twilight became the last for very many,
as that twilight never paved way for the morning.

other times...
it became the proving ground for penury,
the volte-face of any harmony.

so i fear for what is yet to come.

As i lay down my plight,
Lord! give me the might,
for in ur presence exists only light,
that I shall be Victorious over twilight.

can somebody say "Amen"!