Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Goodluck Jonathan’s Gift Horse By Wole Soyinka

This is one gift horse which, contrary to traditional saying, must be inspected thoroughly in the mouth.
Primary from all of us must be a plea to the MKO Abiola family not to misconstrue the protests against the naming of the University of Lagos after their heroic patriarch. Issues must be separated and understood in their appropriate contexts. The family will acknowledge that, among the loudest opposing voices to Jonathan’s gift horse, are those who have clamoured tirelessly that MKO Abiola, the Nigerian nation’s president-elect, be honoured nationally, and in a befitting manner.

Next is my confession to considerable shock that President Goodluck Jonathan did not even think it fit to consult or inform the administrators of the university, including Council and Senate, of his intention to re-name their university for any reason, however laudable. This arbitrariness, this act of disrespect, was a barely tolerated aberration of military governance. It is totally deplorable in what is supposed to be a civilian order.

After that comes the bad-mouthing of MKO Abiola and the Nigerian electorate by President Jonathan who referred to MKO as the “presumed winner” of a historic election. While applauding the president for finally taking the bull by the horn and rendering honour unto whom honour is due, the particularities of this gesture have made it dubious, suspect, and tainted. You do not honour someone while detracting from his or her record of achievement. MKO Abiola was not a presumed winner, but the President-elect of a nation, and thus universally acknowledged.

It is sad, very sad, that after his predecessor who, for eight full years of presidency, could not even bear to utter the name of a man who made his own incumbency possible, along comes someone who takes back with the left hand what the right has offered. However, there is hope. Legalists have claimed that there is a legal flaw to the entire process. The university, solidly backed by other tertiary institutions nation-wide, should immediately proceed to the courts of law and demand a ‘stay of execution’. That should give President Jonathan time to re-consider and perhaps shift his focus to the nation’s capital for institutions begging for rituals of re-naming. After all, it is on record that the House of Assembly did once resolve that the Abuja stadium be named after the man already bestowed the unique title of “Pillar of African Sports”. He deserved that, and a lot more. What he did not deserve is to be, albeit posthumously, the centre of a fully avoidable acrimony, one that has now resulted in the shutting down one of the institutions of learning to whose cause, the cause of learning, President-elect MKO Abiola also made unparalleled private contributions.

Let me end by stressing that my position remains the same as it was when the University of Ife was re-named Obafemi Awolowo University. I deplored it at the time, deplore it till today, have never come to terms with it, and still hope that some day in the not too distant future, that crime against the culture of institutional autonomy will be rectified. Let us not compound the aberrations of the past with provocations in an era that should propel us towards a belated new Age of Enlightenment.

Wole Soyinka

Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship Award 2012/2013

Requirements are: 

1. Scanned copy of Letter of identification from Local Government of Origin.
2. Scanned copy of JAMB and University admission letters.

3. Scanned copy of WAEC/NECO/GCE/O’Levels or A’ Level results.
4. Scanned passport sized photographs.
5. Scanned copy of School Identity card.

Good Luck!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Essay Competition for Youth

More information Here


To mark the centennial of The Rockefeller Foundation, we are seeking the knowledge and innovative ideas that will solve problems for the next 100 years.
In the face of these 21st century realities, achieving the Foundation's overall goal to build resilience and more equitable growth, especially for poor or vulnerable people, relies in part on our commitment to a continuing search for, and openness to, new ideas and new ways of building solutions to these complex crises.
As many as 9 out of 15 finalists will be selected by the Foundation to apply for up to $100,000 in grant support to further develop or implement their ideas.
ENTER BY MAY 25, 2012

World Bank Young Professionals Program (YPP)

World Bank Young Professionals Program (YPP) is a starting point for an exciting career in the World Bank.

It is a unique opportunity for young people who have both a passion for international development and the potential to become future global leaders. The Program is designed for highly qualified and motivated individuals skilled in areas relevant to the World Bank's operations such as, economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, and natural resource management.

In order to be competitive for this highly selective program, candidates need to demonstrate a commitment to development, proven academic success, professional achievement, and leadership capability. We value diversity in our workplace, and encourage qualified men and women with diverse professional, academic and cultural backgrounds to apply.

Since its inception, the YP Program has hired over 1,500 people who now hold position ranging from entry-level to vice presidents and managing directors. It is a unique opportunity to experience development and gain exposure to the World Bank's operations and policies.

World Bank Young Professionals Program (YPP) 2012

Minimum Requirements
The following are minimum requirements to be eligible for the Young Professionals Program.
  • Be 32 years of age or younger
  • Have a Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be fully proficient in one or more of the Bank’s working languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
  • Specialize in a field relevant to the World Bank’s operations such as economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, and natural resource management
  • Have at least 3 years of relevant experience at the policy level or continued academic study at the doctoral level.
Additional Qualifications
In order to be competitive for the limited number of positions, a combination of the following credentials is highly desirable:
  • Display a commitment and passion for international development
  • Possess outstanding academic credentials
  • Exhibit excellent client engagement and team leadership skills
  • Have international development country experience
  • Be motivated to relocate and undertake country assignments
Please note that the Young Professionals Program does not recruit individuals with degrees in disciplines such as: Computer Science, HR, Accounting, Marketing, Law and Linguistics unless they are combined with other relevant degrees that are listed above.

Application Deadline
30th June, 2012

How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Program Manager needed at the International Youth Foundation, USA

Oversee the IYF Global Fellowship Program for Young Social Innovators and manage a portfolio of country programs.    

The International Youth Foundation (IYF), a global nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives and conditions of young people worldwide, is seeking a Program Manager to contribute to the growth of a premier IYF program focused on youth-led social innovation, including the management of a vibrant network of young social entrepreneurs, and expansion of the program in multiple countries. The ideal candidate will have experience managing programs, entrepreneurial drive, innovative thinking, and knowledge about youth-led social innovation field. This full-time position will be based in Baltimore, MD.  For more information please consult

  • Provide day-to-day management of the YouthActionNet® Global Fellowship program from Fellow recruitment to program implementation.
  • Manage the YouthActionNet® Global Fellows Network and design creative ways to ensure long-term engagement of alumni.
  • Lead the management and expansion of YouthActionNet® National Institutes in selected countries as designated.
  • Support program evaluation and impact assessment efforts including: data collection, analysis and sharing of learnings with key stakeholders.
  • Conduct specific research and document innovative approaches to community development emerging out of the YouthActionNet® Global Fellows Network.
  • Be an authoritative spokesperson for the program in a variety of settings, including external meetings with donors as well as public presentations for key stakeholders. 
  • Manage special projects and events organized by the program and institution (e.g. briefings for funders, meeting minutes, conferences/workshops, monthly program reports, mailings, etc.) as designated.
  • Provide support to the Program Director in the preparation of grant proposals and other documents to support resource generation activities.
  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience and a Master’s Degree in international development or a related field preferred.
  • Strong understanding of positive youth development, preferably in the area of youth leadership and social innovation/entrepreneurship. 
  • Strong understanding of positive youth development, preferably in the area of youth leadership and social innovation/entrepreneurship. 
  • Experience working internationally highly preferred.
  • Familiarity with technology standards, emerging technologies, and social media best practices preferred.
  • Experience working with public-private partnerships and/or corporate-funded programs preferred. 
  • Ability to think analytically, assume responsibility, be creative, work independently and as part of a team, and establish priorities. 
  • The ability to work successfully within a variety of cross-cultural settings and make judgments in a fast paced environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills required. Communications must be clear and courteous, especially in dealing with diverse cultures and languages. 
  • Ability to communicate in a second language, verbally and in writing, highly preferred.
  • Excellent time management, organizational, and computer software skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  
  • Readiness/availability to travel with some frequency to other countries.
Baltimore, MD USA
The International Youth Foundation (IYF) is a global nonprofit organization that works with the business, government, and civil society sectors in 70 countries to improve the lives and conditions of young people worldwide. Founded in 1990, IYF equips today's youth with the necessary skills to be healthy, productive and civically engaged individuals. To deepen its impact, IYF scales up effective and sustainable programs that are making a lasting difference in young lives. IYF receives support from bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, companies, foundations and individuals.  International Youth Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
for more information on how to apply see

Thursday, 10 May 2012

One Word

how could you...

leave without a word...

friends, i tot we were,
yet u slipped out of my world,
no clue, as to wat went wrong,

i return everyday,
that u've done same...
yes, it's wat they say,
"Ada travelled and will be back soon"

it did not feel right,
but i still hoped i wasnt right,
from d first dawn u disappeared,
it struck me that something was amiss,
but... ofcourse...
i wished i wasnt right,

so i arrive from work with anticipation,
but retire to bed with dissipation,
scouting ur fb wall for activity,
only to meet unwelcome passivity,

how cud i have known...

maybe i wud have been better off,
if i had no means to reach u,
if we just neva met again,

hash i may sound,

but i speak, not from these frail fingers;
my emotions swell from a four-chambered contraption buried within my chest,

LIFE... pheew!

certainly, we've both moved on,
but i demand one last word,
y did u leave without a word???

Myth of Twilight

Alas! the night draws nigh,
the clouds grow thicker,
the sun scuttles deeper,
a gentle smile paints the moon.

hustle and bustle diminish,
sweet waves, the ocean unleashes,
cold breeze glides across my skin,
between sleep and me lies a line, only so thin.

an air of calm,
heralded but by twilight,
brings peace to the soul,
warmth to my beating vessel.

spewn before me lies the twilight of today,
ofcourse, acceptable and welcome,


tomorrow holds a mystery,
as i think of yesterday's memory,
chaos and strife took the victory,
as that twilight became the last for very many,
as that twilight never paved way for the morning.

other times...
it became the proving ground for penury,
the volte-face of any harmony.

so i fear for what is yet to come.

As i lay down my plight,
Lord! give me the might,
for in ur presence exists only light,
that I shall be Victorious over twilight.

can somebody say "Amen"!

Young Farmers Idea Contest

Through the Young Farmers Idea Contest, the African diaspora and volunteers alike are invited to share their ideas on new ways to engage youths in sub-Saharan Africa under the age of 18 through educational projects, community-building initiatives, and social programs, all centered around agriculture and farming.
We want to hear what you have to say. 
At Africa Rural Connect, we believe that collaboration is the key to developing the best ideas for Africa. Add your experience and expertise to the insights of thousands of professionals, experts, and likeminded individuals and organizations the world. Together we can build and enhance project plans that could have a real-world impact in Sub-Saharan Africa. 
Young Farmers Contest Selection Criteria
The top 10 ideas from endorsements will go to the Leaderboard above and will be sent to a panel of judges who will evaluate the top ideas identifying those they feel are the most original, creative, practical, scalable and likely to be successfully implemented.
Ideas submitted to the Young Farmers Idea Contest can run the gamut from improving youth agricultural education and training, to increasing youths’ access to finances and land, to supporting youth farming organization. You may designate your idea under standard Africa Rural Connect themes such as water resources, agribusiness, post-harvest losses/storage, transportation and infrastructure, and communication methods.
When is the Young Farmers Contest?
The current Young Farmers Idea Contest runs from April 15 - May 31, 2012.
Young Farmers Contest Prizes
Qualified contestants will be eligible to win first, second and third place. The first place winner receives a cash prize of $5,000 and if the winner is based in the U.S. they will also win roundtrip airfare and lodging to the NPCA annual gathering in Minneapolis June 29 -July 1, 2012; the second place winner receives a cash prize of $2,500; and the third place winner receives a cash prize of $1,000.
How do I get involved in idea generation?
Post your idea. Africa Rural Connect is an interactive network; you can participate in a number of ways. If you have an idea for a project plan in rural Africa- post it! Members of the Africa Rural Connect community will support your plan by offering their expertise, pledging resources, and adding visibility of your project through endorsements.
You can do your part to help develop other plans as well, putting your skills to use in a variety of projects across the continent. Offer your challenges or solutions, small or large, creative or practical, and see what happens.
Get your friends and colleagues to join the Africa Rural Connect Community to support your idea and make it even better. The support of Africa Rural Connect community members could help you win a prize!
Keep checking the Leader Board above to find out what plans are getting the most attention from the Community. 
What if I don't have an idea – but I like some of the others?
Anyone with a profile on the Africa Rural Connect community website can rate a post by clicking “Endorse this Idea,” if he/she thinks that the proposal merits it. Get your friends and colleagues to join the Africa Rural Connect Community to endorse your favorite idea and make it even better so that it wins a Round! Keep checking the Leader Board above to find out what plans are getting the most attention from the Community. 
The ideas that garner the most collaboration and engagement with the Africa Rural Connect community will likely grow into the strongest plans- potentially winning prize money and receiving international exposure. So get involved and spread the word to the people you know who care about rural Africa!
Official Contest Rules

Google Online Marketing Competition for Students and Professors, 2012

About Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC)
The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) is an exciting opportunity for students to experience online marketing and creating online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords & Google+. As well, students and their professors can win great prizes. This is a great opportunity for students in classes such as advertising, e-commerce, integrated marketing communication, management information systems, marketing or new media technologies. Every year more than 50,000 students compete from more than 100 countries.
The goal for students is to create an effective online marketing campaign in Google AdWords.

How it works
Google will provide a US$250 budget for participating students to develop an online advertising strategy for a real business or non-profit organization that has not used AdWords in the last six months.
The competition is open to all students, regardless of major, with teams ranging in size from three to six. All students must register under a verified professor/instructor at a higher education institution.
The global winners and their professor receive a trip to the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California to meet with the AdWords team. Regional winners and their professor receive a trip to a regional Google office.

Competition Registration 
Professors register for the Challenge from November 15, 2011 to May 1, 2012. Once a professor registers, he or she will get a confirmation email. Google will verify their employment at the educational institution. Verification may vary depending on the institution.
After verfying professors, the students can register their team on the Student Dashboard. Professors will then receive a notification email from Google to verify their student teams. Once the professor verifies (by clicking a link) that the team is associated with him/her, the AdWords account information for that team will appear in the student dashboard.
  • Please make sure to check the email ‘spam’ folders, as some email software may flag Online Marketing Challenge emails as spam.
  • Your registration will be complete in 24-48 hours depending on the successful verification of your entry details.
Student Registration
Students can register from January 31, 2012 to May 11, 2012. Professors MUST have registered before students can register their student teams on the dashboard. Students can refer to the registration process below or see the Competition Guidelines for more details:
  • Form a team and nominate a team captain.
  • Select a business or non-profit organization.
  • Access the Student Dashboard and register your team and enter your professor´s email address. Your professor will receive a notification email to verify your team.
  • After your professor has verified your team, you create an AdWords account and enter the 10-digit customer ID into the student dashboard.
  • Meet with your business and write your Pre-Campaign Report. Once you have uploaded this to the student dashboard, you will see a coupon code appear.
  • Follow the instructions below to enter the coupon code and credit your account:
    1. Log into your AdWords account.
    2. Go to the Billing Tab, and click on “Billing Preferences”.
    3. Select the country, then enter your contact details, and press continue.
    4. Select “Manual Payments”, and where it asks for an optional “promo code”, enter the coupon code and press continue.
    5. $250 will immediately be credited to your account and you’re ready to go!
Application Period
Professor registration:
November 15, 2011 to May 1, 2012
Student registration:
January 31, 2012 to May 11, 2012
For detailed information on the Challenge, professors and students are advised to refer to the Competition Guidelines

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Straight to the Heart: Quotes from Mother Theresa

  • Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
  • Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.
  • Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.
  • Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone to call their own.
  • I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
  • I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money. No, I wouldn't touch a leper for a thousand pounds; yet I willingly cure him for the love of God.
  • I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?
  • If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
  • If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
  • If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.
  • Intense love does not measure, it just gives.
  • Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.
  • Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
  • Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God - the rest will be given.
  • Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.
  • Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.
  • Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.
  • Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.
  • Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.
  • Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.

Customising the Bubble Series to have Piechart-like Datapoints: Part 3

Go To <<Part 2
Customising the Bubble Chart
Now for the main score. 
AT the heart of this customisation is the DataPointStyle of the BubbleSeries. So what we need to do is to define a style that would change the plain bubbles to sectored ones (as in a pie chart). In this vein, our task is simple: to define a pie series as a style in the resources and set it as the DataPointStyle of the BubbleSeries.

Step 1:Define a Style with the Pie Series as its template.
<Style x:Key="MyPieStyle" TargetType="chartingToolkit:BubbleDataPoint">
            <Setter Property="Template">
                    <ControlTemplate TargetType="chartingToolkit:BubbleDataPoint">
                        <chartingToolkit:Chart Name="pieChart" Background="Transparent"  BorderBrush="Transparent" BorderThickness="0" Padding="0,0,0,0">                           
                                <chartingToolkit:PieSeries Name="pieSeries" DependentValuePath="Value" ItemsSource="{Binding Breakdown}">
Note that the PieSeries has its DependentValuePath pointing to the value property of the Breakdown class.

Step 2: Set the DataPointStyle property of the bubble series to the ‘MyPieStyle’ defined above.
DataPointStyle="{DynamicResource MyPieStyle}"
Yeah, I know I didn’t warn you about this. There’s still a little more to do. But I’ll explain what happened above.
Just like the bubble series, the default implementation of the Pie Series has a Legend and a chart container (background). So by setting the Bubble Series’ DatapointStyle to the Pie Series, It attempts to plot the PieSeries and all its embodiments into the datapoint. In most cases this is actually too large to fit into the datapoint and most will not display at all except the largest datapoint (as can be seen above).

I took you through this first, so that you would have a good understanding of why I had to do take the subsequent steps.

Step 3: Removal of Legend and Background of each PieChart.
This is where reference to the WPFToolkit Source code was made. It basically involves redefining the default Template of the PieSeries, which can only be gotten from the source.
Add the code segment below between the <chartingToolkit:Chart></chartingToolkit:Chart> tag.
<ControlTemplate TargetType="chartingToolkit:Chart">
      <Border Background="{TemplateBinding Background}"    
BorderBrush="{TemplateBinding  BorderBrush}"
BorderThickness="{TemplateBinding BorderThickness}" Padding="{TemplateBinding Padding}">
              <chartingprimitives:EdgePanel x:Name="ChartArea">
              <Grid Canvas.ZIndex="-1" Background="Transparent" />
              <Border Canvas.ZIndex="10" BorderBrush="#FF919191" BorderThickness="0" />

The job is done! Here is the result you’ll get.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Wanted: Bright Minds with Green Ideas

Apply now for the German Federal Government’s 4th Green Talents Competition
One pressing issue of high societal relevance is on the minds of young scientists all over the world: “How to raise life quality for a growing world population without wasting resources?”
The topic of sustainable development has also been top priority for the Federal Government for many years. Germany is spearheading in sustainability research which is why the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is now holding its fourth Green Talents Competition under the patronage of the Federal Minister, Professor Annette Schavan.
Young international scientists working on cutting-edge projects in research fields related to sustainable development are invited to apply for “Green Talents - The International Forum for High-Potentials in Sustainable Development”. Are you interested to become one of the 25 “Green Talents” in 2012? Visit our website and submit your application until 10 June 2012.
Winners will be selected by a high-calibre jury of experts from academia, public institutions and industry. Which are the selection criteria to become a “Green Talent”? Relevance of the research field of the candidate and his/her scientific merits. The jury nominates excellent scientists with a research focus on e.g. renewable energies, environmental protection, urban development, mobility research or climatology.
In fall 2012, the awardees will be taken on an approximately two-week tour, visiting outstanding German research institutions and gaining first-hand insights into sustainability research in Germany . They will also have the opportunity to establish new contacts, to discuss their own research projects with experts from academia and industry, and to actively contribute to the ongoing scientific discussion – not least at the 9th BMBF Forum for Sustainability (FONA-Forum: in Berlin.
In 2013, the “Green Talents” will be invited to spend an additional research stay of up to three months in Germany , to gain new experiences in an inspiring environment and to advance their work while establishing long-lasting relationships with partners from the German R&D landscape.
Fore more information about “Green Talents 2012” including winners and activities of previous years, please visit Kindly note, that the deadline for applications is 10 June 2012.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Customising the Bubble Series to have Piechart-like Datapoints: Part 2

Go To <<Part 1
Creating the Bubble Chart
Tools Used:
  • Visual Studio 2010 (2008 should work too).
  • WPF Toolkit (dll and source - download at 
  • C#

Step 1: Create a New Visual Studio Project with any name; I’ll call mine ‘CustomBubble’.

Step 2: Add a reference to the “System.Windows.Controls.DataVisualisation.Toolkit.dll” file.
Right-Click on the ‘References’ node under project name in solutions explorer and select ‘Add Reference…’ Navigate to the WPF Toolkit install folder and select the appropriate .dll package.

Step 3: Add the following namespace declarations to the XAML Window:

Step 4: Add an instance of the main chart area and the bubble series within the <Grid></Grid> tag. See Code below:
<chartingToolkit:Chart Name="chartSample" Background="Silver" BorderBrush="Black" BorderThickness="3">
                <chartingToolkit:BubbleSeries Name="bubbleSeries" />

Step 5: Next we’ll specify some static data to be plotted. See code below. You can add this in the code-behind or create a new class file for it.

public class TestData: ObservableCollection<TestDataItem>
        public TestData()
            Add(new TestDataItem()
                Label = "North America",
                Total = 10,
                X = 6,
                Y = 3,
                Breakdown = new Breakdown() { 
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Hats", Value = 3 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Shoes", Value = 5 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Bags", Value = 2 }

            Add(new TestDataItem()
                Label = "South America",
                Total = 5,
                X = 9,
                Y = 4,
                Breakdown = new Breakdown() { 
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Hats", Value = 1 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Shoes", Value = 1 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Bags", Value = 1 }

            Add(new TestDataItem()
                Label = "Europe",
                Total = 7,
                X = 3,
                Y = 8,
                Breakdown = new Breakdown() { 
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Hats", Value = 3 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Shoes", Value = 1 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Bags", Value = 3 }

            Add(new TestDataItem()
                Label = "Australia",
                Total = 15,
                X = 5,
                Y = 6.5,
                Breakdown = new Breakdown() { 
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Hats", Value = 2 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Shoes", Value = 7 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Bags", Value = 6 }

            Add(new TestDataItem()
                Label = "Africa",
                Total = 7,
                X = 7.5,
                Y = 9,
                Breakdown = new Breakdown() { 
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Hats", Value = 1 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Shoes", Value = 1 },
                    new BreakDownItem() { Label = "Bags", Value = 0 }

    public class TestDataItem
        public string Label { get; set; }
        public double Total { get; set; }
        public double X { get; set; }
        public double Y { get; set; }
        public Breakdown Breakdown { get; set; }

    public class Breakdown: ObservableCollection<BreakDownItem>

    public class BreakDownItem
        public string Label { get; set; }
        public double Value { get; set; }

Step 6: Now we have defined the data to be plotted, we need to set it as the ItemSource of the Bubble Series. First we add an instance of the main class (TestData) to the Resources collection of the Window:
        <local:TestData x:Key="data" />

Then add relevant properties to the Bubble Series to point it to the data.

<chartingToolkit:BubbleSeries Name="bubbleSeries" Title="Bubble" DependentValuePath="Y" IndependentValuePath="X" SizeValuePath="Total" ItemsSource="{StaticResource data}" />

Voila! You can run the application to see what your bubble series looks like.
The ‘X’ and ‘Y’ values determine the 2D location of the bubbles while the ‘Total’ value determines the size of the bubble.

Yes, it was actually that easy.
The next thing now is to change the blue bubbles that you see to display the data in ‘Breakdown’ class as sectors in each of the bubbles. See example below:
Go To Part 3>>