Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Customising the Bubble Series to have Piechart-like Datapoints: Part 1

Bubble Series are a unique type of charts because unlike most others (line, bar, etc), It can be made to present more than 2 sets (x and y) of data – typically 3 sets, the third (chosen by the user) is illustrated as size of the bubbles. See image below: 

But that’s not just it: by creating bubbles that have sectors as in a Pie Chart, the chart has the capability of representing more sets of data for analogy. Thus, some weeks ago, I was in desperate need of how to create bubble charts that display additional information using sectors in the bubbles. I was using the WPF Toolkit.

My initial thought was to ofcourse use google to find out someone who might have done something similar and could help me. But my entire search for nearly one week was futile and so I gradually decided that I would have to do it myself; noting that it basically needed one to edit the default implementation for the bubble datapoint, so I downloaded the source code for the wpf toolkit here.

It’s quite straightforward, but involves a few steps that I would demonstrate subsequently in separate parts to enable easier comprehension of the reader.

Have fun! And feel free to drop any questions you have.
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